Company Overview

Company Background

BD Link Communication Limited is a private limited company incorporated in Bangladesh and awarded with the International Terrestrial Cable ( ITC ) & International Internet Gateway (IIG) license issued by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ( BTRC ).

BD Link is a venture of a team of well experienced and expert IT & Telecom entrepreneurs as well as one of the largest group of companies in Bangladesh engaged in successful businesses related to banking, human resources, hotel/resorts, trading and consulting, real estate, Cosmetics & toiletries, Consumer, university, telecommunication, etc

ITC is an alternative to the Submarine Cable, for connecting Bangladesh with Landing Stations in the other countries. The Submarine Cable (SMW4) had so far been the only way of global connectivity for Bangladesh. BD Link is working with Teir-1 companies which are other international network operators licensed to provide one-stop-shopping (OSS).

IIG serves as a gateway for routing International incoming and outgoing Internet based data traffic. The gateway is connected with the Submarine cable as well as the Terrestrial cable and with the Satellite Earth Station/VSAT as back up. All ISPs in Bangladesh can be connected to global internet through BD Link IIG ensuring a high speed.

Name of License:International Terrestrial Cable ( ITC )

Date of Award of License:5th January, 2012

Name of License:International Internet Gateway (IIG)

Date of Award of License:12th April, 2012

Mission, Vision & Strategy

Vision: To build a dependable and alternative telecommunication infrastructure for growing need of information technology within Bangladesh as well as the globe

Mission: To build an alternative Connectivity through International Terrestrial Cable System and to build an internet gateway for routing international incoming and outgoing internet based data traffic.

Strategy: To blend our high-tech technology, considerable available cash flow, proper market research and highly qualified professional team to ensure a proper systematic flow towards our set target. Our potent combination of technology and services is supported by strategic alliances with other innovative companies. Together with our strong partners BD Link is opening the door to the next generation of global Telecommunication.

Other Companies

  • Bangla Tel Ltd ( is another leading concern of the group which is licensed to operator as an International Voice Gateway (IGW). It has been working with the international telecom carriers including Tire-1 operators from across the globe.
  • primary business includes Bangladesh voice termination services, implementation of multiplatform voice networks, and retail & reseller solutions for VOIP services through network connectivity over International Private Leased Circuit [IPLC].
  • Jibondhara Solutions Ltd ( BD Link is also partner of Jibondhara Solutions Ltd which has Interconnect Exchange (ICX) license from BTRC. Jibondhara is interconnected with all the Access Network Service (ANS) providers to handle domestic as well as international voice traffic.