As our customers' businesses become more international, the need for timely communications with their overseas operations has increased. Corporate communications networks that can communicate information efficiently and reliably have become essential as the backbone of management strategy. The company’s objective is to serve clients demanding in connecting with high speed circuit into the oversea. There are 3 categories of international high speed communication circuit, under the license of International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) as well as International Internet:

IPLC Service (International Private Leased Circuit)

IPLC is the International Private Leased Circuit in which the company’s network, as a starting point, does connect directly to network of service providers in the oversea, and pass through the client’s terminal point by using DWDM and SDH Technology as main network. Meanwhile, the technology of SDH, EoSDH, and TDM are used for network service. These are depend on client’s demand and lease of speed by ranging from 64kbps - E1, DS3, STM1 to STM64 which provided high secure network and guaranteed in transferring speed of video and audio data with correctly and constantly. Circuits are not affected by congestion unlike overcrowded public networks, so communication is always reliable.

IPLC Service is suitable for multinational organizations, either big or small size of organization that wants to connect with the other counties as well as connecting with the international leased circuit and digital broadcasting providers of TV satellite. Features & Benefits: One Stop Shop (OSS) Features

  • Single End Ordering (SEO) BD Link coordinates the ordering, provisioning and implementation of the IPLC end-to-end service with the foreign carrier on the Customer's behalf.
  • Single End Billing (SEB) The Customer will receive a single bill from BD Link for the IPLC end-to-end service.
  • Single Point of Contact Manageable and cost effective, BD Link IPLC works as your ultimate provider for global communication with multiple vendors on a single simple interface.
  • Single End Fault Reporting (SEFR) The Customer shall only contact BD Link for any fault reporting.
  • Backup circuit service For each IPLC that you sign up for, you will be able to use one backup circuit (reserve circuit) via a different route for the applicable international zone. BD Link offers priority backup solutions that are automatically activated when necessary.
  • Long Term Contracts To help customers use the IPLC service more economically, BD Link offers discount plans for three- and five-year regular usage contracts. We will discount 5% and 10% from the monthly IPLC Service charges
  • Accessibility and Reliability IPLC provides a totally dedicated, highly secure clear channel with superior high speed with far greater reach than any of the other global services. Using only the latest and most advanced cable systems in the world.
  • Global Coverage With coverage in key business centers all over the world, we ensure that your best interests are maintained across geographical borders, now and in the future.
  • Communication speed By selecting the optimum transmission speed for your communication volume and applications, you can build a highly efficient and economical international network. International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 384kbps, 512kbps, 768kbps, 1Mbps, 1.5Mbps, 2Mbps, 6Mbps, 45Mbps, 150Mbps, 2.4Gbps
  • Service Level Agreements: Up to 99.99% End to End circuit availability.

Global Ethernet

Now’s the time to consider using Ethernet outside your Local Area Network (LAN). Ethernet services in the Wide Area Network (WAN) are growing in popularity for all the right reasons. The technology is quick to deploy, easy to manage and offers a cost effective way to enable your business. Therefore, users can reach to the video and audio data transmission properly, and get secure communications same as IPLC Service. Ethernet is becoming more and more important as an access technology, because of its reliability, cost-speed ratio and possibilities to upgrade. Businesses are increasingly embracing Global Ethernet services because of the enormous benefits and cost efficiency it brings. Global Ethernet is the best option for convergence layer technology to deliver unified communications. BD Link offers terminal multiplexing services to build a point-to-point SDH transmission network. . BD Link Ethernet Private Line (EPL) allows your organization to establish highly resilient network connections between your headquarters or data center and branch sites in many locations around the world. We can also provide a compact, cost effective and flexible solution to deliver multiple Ethernet channels. At the core, the SDH-based infrastructure provides an efficient long range transport vehicle for Ethernet traffic.


Provide a highly secure foundation that connects your corporate headquarters, data centers, branch offices, small offices and mobile workers to each other, and to the applications they use to be productive. With VPN, you can converge multiple networks into a MPLS-enabled IP VPN that allows users to rely on a single network to add solutions such as voice over IP capabilities, collaboration or cloud applications. Key Features

  • connects your customers’ individual sites securely
  • Choose from a variety of access technologies
  • Enables to consolidation of voice, video and data
  • Boost your margins by creating market-leading packages
  • Access to the fault management team 24/7 and rigorous Service Level Agreement

International Internet Gateway (IIG or IP Port) and IP Transit Service

are the internet data communications services for connecting with internet service providers in both domestic and international. The company aims to offer these services to both domestic and international service providers as well as mobile phone and broadband service providers.